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Brand Trader increases sales and saves time by quickly matching wholesale needs with available wholesale stock

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    Why Brand Trader?

    When you buy into our community, you get a AI with resources
    solely allocated to your business.

    Significantly reduce labor cost

    Sales & purchasing become more efficient

    Access to the largest supplier

    500K Barcodes, 15K brands, and 2K categories

    High availability & throughput

    No single point of failure in supply chain

    Easy and intuitive

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    Brands & Brand Owners

    If you want to bring your new or established brand to the world via a strong network of global buyers, welcome.

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    Benefits For Retailers

    Whether its online or offline retail, BrandTrader gives you the power to buy the products you may be able to source directly thru the manufacturer.

    Powerful dashboard

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    Always in sync

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    Benefits For Distributors, Wholesalers & Traders

    If you’re in the middle, then BrandTrader can help you broaden your network and find the right buyers and sell at the right time.

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