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wholesale marketplace

About Wholesale Markets


The wholesale marketplace will allow you to get your products in front of thousands of buyers. You can sell wholesale jewelry, clothing, accessories, baby products, bath and & beauty products, handmade products, and food products.

You know how difficult it is to find boutiques and get their contact information. Then, search for them online, reach out to them at trade shows, follow up, and grow your wholesale account. Today I want to share a new strategy. How? How? By partnering up with other companies that work directly with buyers or store owners to help them locate products through wholesale marketplaces.

You have choices whether your brand sells wholesale or you’re a buyer in a retail store. Seven online marketplaces have been launched successfully in the past few years, thanks to the increasing demand for variety in B2B marketplaces.


Top wholesale marketplace you might want to consider


1 SaleHoo

SaleHoo, a global online wholesale marketplace and directory, features over 2.5 million products from over 8000 verified wholesalers and manufacturers. SaleHoo was launched in 2005 and has been a leading platform for finding high-quality suppliers and low-cost products to resell. SaleHoo boasts hundreds of positive TrustPilot ratings and has been featured on many major websites, including Forbes Magazine, CNBC, and HuffPost.


2 List Trader

ListTrader is a global online wholesale platform that helps wholesalers and distributors streamline their trading. It offers multiple-bid management, the best price algorithms, wholesale market data, and a clean, organized dashboard. You can build your needlist and receive bids from multiple buyers in one place. All you need to trade branded products in one place. In minutes, create and send price lists! Multiple bids can be received at once.


3) Trayde

Trayde, the UK’s fastest-growing online wholesale marketplace, has been featured in some of the most important media outlets around the globe, including Metro and The Independent. Trayde lets you source unique wholesale products from thousands of independent brands like ElleyHome and Lunar James. Trayde Marketplace sellers are all hand-picked and vetted.


4) Tundra 

Tundra, trusted by over 25,000 retailers, is America’s largest online wholesale market. It offers more than 2 million products from 10,000 brands. Tundra offers everything for retailers, including fashion accessories, jewelry, children’s toys, kitchenware, and pet supplies. You can easily open a free account to start sourcing directly from leading US wholesalers and brands through one platform.


5) Alibaba 

Alibaba was founded in 1991 and is the world’s largest online wholesale directory. It also serves as a marketplace for top China-based wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers. Alibaba is an industry giant in ecommerce and wholesale, boasting billions of dollars in revenue and over 500 million users worldwide. Alibaba offers millions of reliable suppliers for electronics and toys for kids.


6) Wholesale Clearance 

Wholesale Clearance has a TrustPilot rating of 4.9 stars from over 230 customers. They specialize in liquidated, bankrupt, and clearance stock deals, usually in small quantities or bulk lots. Wholesale Clearance is a great marketplace seller, eBay seller, or ecommerce store. All products are up to 95% off the retail price.


7) Bousty 

Bulk Apothecary is the owner of Bousty, a prominent online wholesale marketplace that offers over 250,000 products from thousands of different brands. Bousty is used by over 200,000 businesses to source high-quality inventory, from independent retailers to eBay sellers to specialty boutiques, spas, health stores, and specialty shops.


8) Faire 

Faire featured in Fast Company Magazine and Forbes Magazine is an innovative online wholesale market connecting independent retailers to over 40,000 top brands and wholesalers across the US, UK, and EU. Faire is used by more than 300,000. Retailers source the latest products for their online shops, e-commerce stores, and small boutiques.