trader wholesale
Trader Wholesale

What does trader wholesale mean?

Trader wholesale buys goods in bulk or large quantities from the producer/manufacturer and sells in small amounts to the retailer. Wholesale trade is, therefore, where goods are purchased in large quantities or bulk from the manufacturer or producer to sell small quantities to a retailer (one that sells small amounts of goods to the consumer).

Type of trader wholesale

Wholesalers general

Wholesale specialist

Manufacturer Representative

Commission Agents


Wholesalers of cash and carry

Factors (or Mercantile Agents).

Del Credere Agents (wholesalers)


Features for trader wholesale

Bulk breaking

Purchases large quantities of goods and sells small amounts to retailers.

They act as intermediaries between retailers and producers.

To The Manufacturer

He provides valuable information, such as manufacturer details concerning the level of goods demand, etc.

Wholesalers provide warehouse and storage facilities to store goods. This allows the manufacturer to have sufficient space for future production.

Preparation of commodities to sell: Wholesalers sometimes label, package or blend the goods before they are sold.

Advertising and promotion: Wholesalers create awareness through advertising and sales promotion.

Wholesalers finance the manufacturer by purchasing goods in advance.

Transport facilities are required for the distribution of goods.

Quantity of bulk purchasing. Wholesalers buy in more significant amounts. This encourages manufacturers to produce more, thereby reaping the benefits of large-scale production.

Part of the Risk involved in producing and distributing goods is borne by wholesalers, e.g. Risk of price changes in fashion or deterioration. Etc

Quality control: Wholesalers may occasionally verify the product’s quality before distributing it. They are grading commodity products, e.g. cocoa.

To the retailer

Wholesalers sell small quantities to retailers in bulk, breaking down the size cost.

Wholesalers finance the retailer by giving him credit.

Sometimes, the wholesaler provides advice and information. on new goods, market trends

Stabilization of Prices: The wholesaler stabilizes prices by storing the goods in his warehouse, thus regulating supply to mark.

He supplies the retailer with a range of goods.

How can ListTrader help?

ListTrader helps increase sales and saves time. It matches wholesale orders with stock that is available quickly. To accurately determine market demand and price points, ListTrader tracks the global sale of “barcoded products”. You can easily view the competitor data in a similar set, comparing prices and listing them at the best wholesale rates with a basic List workflow management system among traders.


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