supply chain transparency and assessment
supply chain transparency and assessment

What is Supply Chain Transparency?

Supply chain transparency is the most effective way to create trust between companies, suppliers, and their customers, as transparency in supply chains project an image of a company.

  • Quality of the product and safety standards
  • Raw material source
  • Work practices
  • Should be sustainable development and environmental protection.


What is Supply Chain Assessment?

The first step in creating a Supply Chain Strategy is to perform an Assessment. It is one of the most efficient Supply Chain Management assessments available that analyzes and optimizes supply chains to benefit the supply chain. Assessment through the analysis of every Supply Chain Optimization.


Benefits of Supply Chain Transparency


1) Customer Assurance

Consumers today have entitled should know precisely where goods originate from and the way they’re made. By informing consumers about your production methods, safety standards, and ethical supply chain practices, consumers are more educated and likely to purchase your product.


2) Brand Loyalty

The retention of clients is the benchmark to ensure profitability in the business. It’s five times more for attracting new customers than it does to retain an existing one with an average of 5% retention rate can boost profits by 25-95percent. Brand loyalty can also mean positive word-of-mouth marketing for your business, like customers proudly showing your logo or the toy items being recommended to parents by their children.


3) Stronger Partnerships

The trust created by transparency in the supply chain isn’t restricted to just your consumers. A company with transparent supply chains establishes an atmosphere of confidence in its ecosystem and draws in like-minded customers and vendors. In addition, a climate based on trust, transparency, and respect will allow you to communicate with suppliers openly. Your suppliers will know they can trust you, and honesty and openness are appreciated.


4) Competitive Edge, Combined with industry-wide Improvement

The advantages of transparency in supply chains are vast and are not just restricted to your particular business but also extend to the entire sector. For starters, whenever you or your suppliers demonstrate the proof of the integrity and quality of your supply chain, it gives you an advantage over the competition by taking responsible actions. It must start with transparency regarding sourcing practices.


What can ListTrader do to help?

ListTrader trading platform will help you establish internal visibility into your supply chain and then turn it into full transparency for your stakeholders, customers, potential suppliers, and the general public. We can improve your existing supply chain management system by providing compliance information for buyers and sellers. Accessible via a user-friendly platform with easy-to-use dashboards and custom reports. You can track the daily production processes that can be followed and obtain the precise data you require with just a few clicks. In addition, it allows you to track the quality and conformity of your products; you will enjoy more advantages!


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