line sheet
line sheet

What is line sheet?

Line sheet is the document that apparel firms use to show their range of products at wholesalers. They’re a crucial element of the sales process. Therefore you’ll need to invest the time and effort to employ the most effective methods and strategies for creating these.

Wholesale retail is a popular topic, and you’ve probably heard the term frequently. Maybe someone has asked for the creation of a line sheet, and you’d like to be aware of the best way to make one. 

They must be designed appropriately because you’ll be using them daily to show your products to retail stores looking for the perfect mixture of products, which is grouped first by material and then other items, like dresses, shirts, or trousers.

The retailer will roughly know the quantity of each they require based on their sales goals and plans. These forecasts are based on the previous year’s sales and anticipated trends of what customers expect and want for their product. 


Steps to Create a Line Sheet

  • Begin with a beautiful header for each page, with your company’s logo and branding visible. Arrange your images into rows, dividing them into appropriate categories as you go. Ensure the images are clear and crisp, and then put the precise details required to complete an order under each.


  • Name of the product, SKU or Item number, the wholesale cost (expressed by “each”) The suggested retail price. Minimum order quantities and any variations (size, color, etc.)


  • Be sure that the information for each item is organized and consistent in the same manner to be clear for the merchandisers and help them identify the missing item. Additional items must be included under each picture of your product. The retailer must purchase the lowest amount for each model to conduct a deal with your company.


  • Make a plan for your merchandising strategy and marketing strategy. While line sheets must be as minimal as you can, You can implement some method to group the merchandise by using banners or symbols to emphasize particular aspects.


  • Be cautious not to fill in unnecessary details or lines of text under each image. It should appear elegant with only a few distractions from the primary picture of the product. Terms and conditions for payment Shipping options and times Contact information, customer support, etc.


  • Line sheets are essential because they are much more than an indispensable selling tool used by retailers. They also serve as crucial reports that all stakeholders and departments must be aware of the plans for the season. They must, therefore, be made available to all departments within the relevant department.