Advanced Order Management

What exactly is advanced Order Management?

Advanced order management is a system that works as the expectations of customers and supply chain complexity continue to grow and increase; it is more crucial than ever to ensure that you deliver a perfect order. How do you accomplish this effectively and profitably? Automating your order-promising allocating, orchestration, and execution process. Once you have achieved this, you can effectively decide how to complete orders based on your worldwide inventory and business rules. ListTrader advanced Order Management provides:

The ability to allocate orders.

Order Management.

Allowing you to fulfill a charge that is perfect every time.


The importance of advanced order management

Advanced order management is beneficial for all vendors with the system of their unified commerce solution; in addition to the OMS and all the components, each vendor offers excellent convenience. ListTrader lets you examine competitor information with a comparable set of data so you can evaluate your costs and display them at the most competitive prices in the wholesale market. Profits are calculated for your deals with import and export and by pre-selling your stock before moving any product.


The advantages of advanced Order Management


1) Automated sales processes

Automate the entire selling process by monitoring every aspect of every sale, including the products purchased, the amount of money paid, and the status of delivery.


2) Control of inventory

Monitor your inventory levels automatically by ordering when your inventory is running low. It will ensure the fulfillment of orders while keeping your expenses down.


3) Manage customer relations

Control all aspects of the customer journey, from lead generation to cross-selling.


4) Sales automation

Reduce the burden on your shoulders by making it simple to purchase products or communicate with customers and process the payment process.


5) Shipping and Receiving

You can gain insight into the status of your receipts and shipments by accessing real-time updates on the status of each load and getting alerts whenever issues occur.


6) Collection of payments

You can easily collect payments using cards like credit or debit cards, PayPal and bank transfers, cash on delivery, and any other method.


7) Document tracker

Please keep track of everything related to your documents moving through different production steps. From keeping track of the development of each document to determining who has viewed the file, all businesses and producers will be kept current.


8) Advanced reports

Examine your performance and pinpoint areas to improve. Reports could include but aren’t restricted to Top Products, Top Customers, Top Orders, Top Pages, Top Countries, Top Brands, Top categories, Top Sellers, Top Channels, Top Days, etc.



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