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List Trader for Traders 
- Buy like a Pro!

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Have trading analytics on your fingertips to make data driven decisions.

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An AI that instantly matches Needs Lists of a buyer & Stock Lists of a seller. Now profit is just a click away.

"List Trader hosts thousands of Wholesale & Retail traders and makes them millions of dollars of profit!"

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What is List Trader?

List Trader is a wholesale and retail trading platform that uses its powerful AI t match needs lists and stock lists. You can buy and sell products profitably.

Is List Trader costly?

No. You can create your account for free. This free account contains basic features for you to start your business. You can even subscribe to List Trader if you want to access the full potential of this powerful trading software. There are three different subscription models of List Trader ranging from $299 to $599 per month. The best part is that you can earn this money back in just one deal. This is what makes List Trader truly different.

Why should I use List Trader?

List Trader gives the best results for the lowest price. It offers the most powerful AI that instantly brings buyers & sellers to you. It offers trade protection and also trade analytics that helps you make data driven decision.