connect directly with buyers

The best way to connect directly with buyers

Sellers often complain that it is difficult to reach buyers. In reality, 82% say they are open to meeting with sellers who reach them. What factors impact whether or not a buyer connects with a seller? A buyer’s need for the product/service is the most important factor in deciding whether they connect with a seller.

Factors That You Can Directly Control

Many of the factors that drive buyers to directly controlled by you. You should:


10) Share something of value –

Lead with a value-based offering and a reason for you to connect.


9) Make sure you are up-to-date

Update your recommendations, endorsements, and awards. Give examples of clients that you have worked with. This will increase your credibility.


8) Send information

To the buyer: Email and directly relevant information to your buyers.


7) Share valuable content online –

You can share your organization’s content, such as whitepapers and blog posts, on your profile. Participate in Groups or other industry association forums.


6) Don’t make the buyer feel sold –

People want to get to know people. You can build genuine relationships by focusing your attention on the business value you can offer and not on what you have to sell buyers today.


Factors That Influence

You might think you can’t control many factors such as budget or need. You can influence nearly all of the factors by using the following:


5) Need:

While buyers might not see the need for your product, they may be interested in the benefits your offering offers. You have the responsibility to inform buyers and inspire them with your capabilities. A need might arise if you can relate their goals to your product.


4) Budget:

Buyers rarely have a budget to cover new opportunities and unanticipated challenges. Bulk buyers rarely have a budget and invest only when there is an opportunity. Encourage buyers to take advantage of the opportunities you offer.  


3) Increase awareness of your company –

Don’t let marketing get in the way. Multi-touch attraction campaigns can be run, reaching out via email, phone, and direct mail to buyers. This will allow you to create awareness of your ideal buyer.


2) Referrals –

Find contacts within the buyer’s organization and ask them for referrals. Find new contacts and do so. Always look for ways to build and maintain relationships with new people. Your connections will introduce you to ListTrader, which offers co-op buying/selling trading platform software for wholesalers, retailers, and distributors. This allows them to seamlessly work in real-time, receive more bids, and save time and money.


1) Standard connections:

Make utilizing LinkedIn and relationship-building an ongoing effort. You will find connections that you share in the future.