About global trade database insights

The significant global reform with global trade database insights of the 20th-century “globalization” made the wider Window for trade between nations. The nation’s economies joined the global economic system, which facilitated the flow of exports and imports. For the ease of global trade, it is necessary for the most crucial global trade information.


Every economy around the world participates in the import and export trade industry. However, most require information, i.e., global export-import data. Trade data comprises data on export and import activities across the globe. A complete global trade database is created by collating shipping bills and trade invoices from reliable government departments of the world’s economy.


The benefits of ListTrader Global Trade Database


ListTrader provides greater insight into the export and import business you run.


Modern technology is one of the top in the business and enhances our ability to provide more rapid, precise, and custom-designed data solutions. We also have our Sales and Technical staff who are highly skilled, knowledgeable, and competent in providing the most precise and relevant solutions to data in the shortest possible time.

We make it simple to discuss opportunities shortly for your company. Experience in the industry can provide the most accurate, reliable, and complete data. We simplify the process by ensuring that those growth opportunities are in plain sight.



ListTrader assists you in making critical business choices.

The new world of exporters and importers with an extensive database, but they cannot use it. There’s a time of importance for their contribution to an industry that is changing sales through data-driven decision-making, which can improve the bottom line and top line.



ListTrader gives you the most up-to-date and current analysis.

Customized software that generates a report with a click of a button manages a vast database and draws meaningful insights for making more intelligent business decisions that help you prepare impressive presentations with data visualizations/graphs, charts, and pivots.

Using these tools, traders can perform market analysis, market research, and price analysis. They can also identify significant importers, significant exporters of the goods, etc. In the current world of competition, traders require a reliable international import-export trade data source that allows them to expand their business and gain access to the new frontiers of trade.

Global trade data provide vital information, such as Wholesalers & Retailers sharing lists of needs and lists for their current needs and clients. They do this through email, and no trading platform has anyone. The urbanization of the world is causing an overhaul in people’s lifestyles, which is driving more need for international trade and export. The amount of world trade of goods in exports and imports has increased by 3 percent globally.