global import export data provider

Importance of global import export data provider 

Global Import Export Data provider helps international trading partners evaluate potential suppliers or buyers based on their shipping histories. Global trade is an uncertain business this data helps importers and exporters mitigate some of their risks. Traders get an insight into potential markets and detailed information about their competitors. Global Import Export Data arms export and importers with detailed information to plan their businesses better. Firms around the world are looking for new markets to expand, looking for an opportunity to diversify, and looking for suppliers. International Export Import Data helps companies use their resources more effectively.

This data also helps companies determine their competitor’s export figures, knowledge of profitable products, international pricing of raw materials that they procure from other countries, and the inventory status of materials. It helps companies analyze countries, imports, exports, tariffs, and non-tariff measures. Monthly or quarterly reports of international export-import data are a valuable tool to help companies make accurate projections and detailed plans.

Foreign trade is the exchange of commodities, services, and capital across international borders. Foreign trade arises from the fact that no country is self-sufficient and needs to buy goods and services from other countries. Foreign trade is a stimulus to growth. It helps in the optimal utilization of a country’s resources. There are two types of foreign trade–bilateral trade or the trade between two countries and multilateral trade which is the trade between two or more countries.

Why ListTrader is the best global import export data provider?

ListTrader is one of the top global import export data provider company. ListTrader helps wholesalers and distributors streamline trading with multiple-bid management, best price algorithms, wholesale market data, and a clean organized dashboard.

It provides genuine, trusted & reliable customs shipment data for of than 80+ countries in the world such as India, USA, Kenya, Russia, Peru, Mexico, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, etc. Some of our main services are import data USUS export data, Kenya import data, Indonesia export data, etc. With our largest searchable global trade database, B2B software helps wholesale brand traders, distributors, and retail buyers organize their workflow. We provide global import-export data & trade intelligence information at affordable prices and expert support to resolve your queries.


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