Real Time Stock Availability

BrandTrader helps you sell your inventory fast and with the most profit within our Trusted Buyer Network.

Quick & Easy trading

Quickly find a match for all your products on BrandTrader. We help new traders enter the business, with no prior contacts!

Go Full Circle<br>  Protect Trade Secrets
Go Full Circle<br>  Protect Trade Secrets

Go Full Circle
Protect Trade Secrets

Creating a Subscriber List on BrandTrader will allow the traders to exchange price lists to the exclusive or selected dealers.

This allows a trader to keep trade secrets and trading partners secret and exclusive. Only those in your Subscriber List can bid on your stocklist.

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Needlist Pricelist Match!
Quickly find and sell stock

Does your needslist need more responses? Get matched with the best-priced sellers, in a matter of minutes. BrandTrader aggregates items in terms of best price and quantity, so you can spend your time growing your business!

What we are Offering?

A marketplace of buyers that are looking for your goods. Much cleaner way to organize all bids for your needslist. Real time stock availability from different vendors on one platform with real-time updates.

Wholesale consumer good price index, with the history of wholesale pricing that is measured daily and for the last 5 years. Get live market rate for any branded good in wholesale & retail.

Find more wholesalers and retailers to sell your goods to. Vet suppliers that are original to void counterfeits ( this is what chain stores do ). Retailers or chains stores can use this directly to find the best vetted sources

Wholesale Data
New Buyers

Dedicated Dashboard

Real-time tools and rich insights mean our support
solution amplifies your team for an unbeatable

How we help our traders measure success?

Through detailed sales and profit data. Organize your customers, your bids, and your workflow. Everything you need to trade branded goods in one place. Make quicker decisions, this will help you in buying and selling your goods.

Move deals through
our channels– fast

Real-time tools and rich insights mean you can sell your goods faster and grow your company’s turnover at an exponential level. 

Seamlessly go from trading
to scaling.

Expand your distribution channels through BrandTrader
Network of buyers.

Ready to get Started?

Airport Tie-ups

BrandTrader helps Duty free stores on all the airports buy and sell goods to their customers. 

Global Availability

Sourcing from Asia or America, Our Duty Free Network ensure you get tax free goods in your jurisdiction. 

All Products

We pride ourselves to follow all regulations and censorship in terms of goods sourcing.


Ensuring full compliance in all stages of the business process is standard procedure at List Trader.

Better Supply Chain

Find the right products at the right price with our smart matching algorithm. 

All types of products

We help you sell your goods. In every category: new, return goods, clean vs decoded goods, expired and discontinued. 

Global Availability

BrandTrader works all around the world. We can help you estimates your 20' 40' container build.  Importing and exporting 

Forecast & Presell

Find the demand before you purchase and sell your goods. 


Gets daily needslists from ecommerce giants

Get paid with no terms

30-60-90 credit terms? BrandTrader finances your trades, so you can focus on making money. 

Tech Management

We help integrate all procurement, so you don't have to worry about the technology needed to supply a vendor.


E-commerce is big and global. We have the world's demand to fill through your supply. 


Our data import features, help bring offline retailers to BrandTrader so they can speed up their supply chain. 

Super Markets

BrandTrader has tie ups with the worlds leading supermarket chains, so your trading business can benefit from our relationships. 

All Products

If you're a trader dealing with  cosmetics, fragrances, raw goods, and anything in between, we have the data that will help you sell your goods, fast. 


BrandTrader will support your growth as a partner in any industry.

Middle East

Trading in the Middle East? We have partners that will increase your sales.  


Trading in the Africa? We have partners that will increase your sales.


Trading in the Asia? We have partners that will increase your sales.


Trading in the ROTW? We have partners that will increase your sales.