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  1. Introduction
  2. Features on dashboard:
    • Active Users, Recent Bids, Total Products & Daily Transactions
    • Amazon Top selling products
    • Wholesale discount calculator
    • Top Retail buyers
    • Top selling categories
  3. Features on dashboard Menu
  4. Conclusion


List Trader contains a powerful List matching AI that matches the needs of the buyer and the stock of a seller. It contains premium features such as trade analytics and trade data protection.

Last but not the least, it contains an easy to navigate dashboard. This dashboard contains essential features that modern wholesale and retail traders need. 

In this article, we are going to discuss 5 essential features that List Trader provides on its dashboard that contains dynamic and helpful information for traders to use.

Features on Dashboard:

1. Active Users, Recent Bids, Total Products & Daily Transactions

When you login to List Trader you land up on the Dashboard and on the dashboard you can see this information on the upper panel:

  • “Active users”: This shows how  many active users we have on List Trader.
  • “Recent bids”: This shows the number of bids happened recently
  • “Total products”: This shows the total number of products showcased by all the sellers
  • “Daily Transactions”: This is an important feature. This showcases the average daily transactions done based on the overall past data.

2. Amazon Top selling products

This shows the top 100 most trending and top selling products on Amazon from the categories List Trader deals with.

This can prove to be immensely helpful to traders as they can figure out what all products from their categories have been trending and then they can focus on selling them more instead of the least trending ones. This is helpful to make instant profits or make initial ROIs.

You can sort these products based on date and category. The categories include Fragrance, Make Up, Skin Care, Personal Care, Hair Care, Shave & Hair removal.

3. Wholesale discount calculator

This is another extremely important feature that you will find on List Trader’s dashboard. What this widget/feature will do is that it will give you a wholesale product price for any barcode.

Get and enter the barcode of any product, then click on “Check” and you will get the retail price and the current wholesale price below this. This will help you fix your product’s price and set discounts.

4. Top Retail buyers

These are the top retail buyers that wholesale sellers should adjust their strategies to and target to get an order. This consists of “User Info” that includes the logo and the name of the retail buyer and “Role” that includes the category that they sell in.

5. Top Selling Category

As the name suggests these are the top selling categories that are being sold on List Trader. You can make use of this feature to plan your further strategy and introduce your own line of products that fit into this category and track which category is in high demand currently.

Features on Dashboard Menu:

1. Instant Match

This feature gives List Trader a competitive edge as it is a pioneering feature that allows the match of Buyers needs and sellers products with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

2. Trade Analytics

List Trader shows Traders Analytics to Sellers as well as Buyers and help them get a grip on their business. This also helps traders to plan their business and marketing strategy efficiently.

3. Trade Protection

You account and data is protected on List Trader. List Trader gives traders an option to keep their data private or public. This moderates data transparency.

4. Marketplace

This feature shows the marketplace of List Trader. It shows what’s trending, what sellers are selling and what kind of bids buyers are placing on the products.

This allows sellers to gain more exposure for their public lists.

5. My Purchase Orders

This will show the summary of all the orders that you have made.

This includes:

  • P.O Number
  • P.O Date
  • Seller
  • Delivery Date
  • Status
  • Total Amount
  • Total Quantity
  • Remarks
  • Payment Method
  • Payment Status

6. My Invoices

This will show all of your invoices and will also allow you to create a new invoice.

To create a new invoice:

  • Go to the Dashboard
  • Click on “My Invoices”
  • Click on “New Invoice”
  • Fill in the necessary invoice information
  • Click “Save”

7. My Bid History

This will show your individual product bid history. You can also see the status of your bids here. It also shows the package take-all offers you have bid on.


List Trader has useful and amazing features and tools. Most of these features are showcased on the dashboard panel. Readers can make full use of all these essential features to plan their  further strategy to trade on List Trader.

There are a lot of other trading applications available but List Trader has the best in demand informational features that are very easy to refer to.

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