What is global trade intelligence platform?


Global trade intelligence platform is the effective decision-making crucial to any compliance organization’s success. Global Trade Intelligence capabilities within ListTrader Management Cloud allow for customs- and compliance-focused business intelligence solutions that improve supply chain decision-making by providing insight into trading partner performance and internal operations. Global Trade Intelligence gives you the information you need to understand your business and help you achieve your organizational goals.


5) Centralize the database

Global companies move goods around the globe. The most successful companies can adapt to changing regulatory environments quickly. Companies can manage all aspects of global trade from one platform, relying upon the most current and comprehensive database of trade content in the world. ListTrader allows them to centralize and standardize processes and reduce the risk of cross-border compliance issues. Automation can manage trade agreements and other duty-saving programs. Enterprises can also reduce costs.



4) Performance Management

Setting and tracking goals in your compliance or customs agency are essential. It will help you improve compliance and reduce costs. The global trade intelligence platform uses detailed trade data to allow real-time action and historical analysis of key factors that affect your import and export operations. 

ListTrader enables you to track key performance indicators and seamlessly navigate operational and historical information. You can easily customize screens and dashboards to create dashboards that give you actionable insight to ensure you make the right decision.


3) Handling Trade Complexities

ListTrader is becoming more complex and expensive to manage. Trade regulations change with increasing frequency, so companies are sourcing from and selling in more countries than ever—non-compliance results in more severe penalties. Organizations can overcome these obstacles with the right platform, use trade agreements to increase margins, and manage duty management programs to gain a competitive advantage with intelligent applications that aid companies in achieving their goals. It provides a consolidated supply platform that allows them to efficiently plan, execute, and manage global trade.


2) Trade Data and a Powerful Network

The world’s most significant business rules and regulations database, which covers 98% of global trade, uses ListTrader scalable platform. These rules are cross-border transactions. It reduces non-compliance risks like delays at border clearance, fines, and loss of trade privileges. Organizations can also manage complex programs to minimize duty costs. Companies can also access the robust ListTrader network of global trade partners to speed up their imports and exports.


1) Manage Global Trade

ListTrader is a unified global trade intelligence platform that allows companies to identify ways to lower duty costs, expedite cross-border movements and improve compliance across all jurisdictions. Powerful collaboration tools enable supply chain partners to share information seamlessly. All transactions are subject to automated validation and plausibility tests, ensuring regulatory compliance. ListTrader provides everything businesses need to manage global trade efficiently and maximize their cost savings.