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There are a plethora of online marketplace for wholesale buying and selling. These platforms cater to help you find wholesale supplies seamlessly to buy and sell. Online marketplace typically offer various free and paid features that help businesses perform various tasks.

Today, small businesses and even individuals can trade in the wholesale market because of online marketplaces. Online marketplace help wholesalers create and expand their brand footprint, study the products that are trending, and make profit.

List Trader presents a list of 10 best online wholesale marketplaces, suitable for wholesalers and retailers.

10 best online Marketplace list:

1) Alibaba

alibaba wholesale online marketplace

The future of retail is looking more and more like a digital one. Moreover, with the rise of online shopping and the popularity of mobile devices, physical stores are getting out of fashion. In fact, many retailers are now investing in e-commerce platforms and omni-channel strategies.

What does this mean for wholesalers? Well, for starters, it means that there will be an increased demand for products that can be sold online.

This means that wholesalers need to make sure that they have a strong e-commerce presence in order to remain competitive.

Additionally, wholesalers will need to invest in inventory management systems that can keep track of stock levels across multiple channels.

Finally, it’s important to note that the future of retail is not just about e-commerce. Social media and other digital channels are playing an increasingly important role in the way that consumers shop. 

As such, wholesalers need to make sure that they are active on social media and providing engaging content that will interest potential buyers.

2) Global Sources

wholesale online marketplace

Located in Hong Kong, Global Sources is a wholesale marketplace where wholesalers can buy and sell a variety of products from electronics to fashion apparel. To start small, buyers can buy suppliers’ “Minimum order quantity” if starting the business for the first time.

Global Sources mainly connects buyers across the globe with verified manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors from China. Being one of the original pioneers of online wholesale and B2B marketplaces since 1995, today it caters to more than 10 million buyers across the world and is a successful trade show facilitator. 

Simply browse the marketplace and use filters to narrow down the results by minimum order value, lead time, supplier ranking, certificates and more.

The product categories that suppliers on Global Sources mainly deal with are; Car accessories, car parts, consumer electronics, phone accessories, electronic components, clothing, fashion accessories, footwear, hardware, homeware, etc.

Global Sources facilitates trade across the globe through its online marketplace, magazines, and trade shows. Suppliers get verified and are offered a verification badge showing that they have been verified by Global Sources.

There is no direct buying on Global Source. You have to send an inquiry to a supplier to purchase a number of units of any item. Later, you need to negotiate delivery, shipping, and payments. Unlike Alibaba or DHgate, products cannot be added to the cart and checked out.

They also provide a live chat function helping with the inquiry and support process and also provides a shopping app for Android and iPhone users.

3) Handshake

wholesale online marketplace

Launched in 2020, Handshake is the second largest online marketplace integrated in the Shopify ecosystem. It is built for independent merchants and stores that run on Shopify. 

Countless independent brands use Handshake to buy and sell wholesale products. It caters to products related to accessories, beauty, lifestyle, and stationery. There is no fee or commissions implied on any transaction on this platform.

Handshake provides necessary tools and features contemporary businesses need to grow. It will help you build an online store, make payments, market business through social channels, and much more.

Moreover, Handshake provides unique products that can help you gain competitive advantage. 

4) Made-in-china

wholesale online marketplace

Made-in-China is an online marketplace that connects B2B buyers across the globe with Chinese suppliers and distributors. It has products ranging from electronics to beauty.

This platform has four key business aspects:

  1. Allows buyers to post a listing and wait to be connected with appropriate suppliers.
  2. Supplier verification.
  3. Facilitates buyer and seller meetings. You can get to know your suppliers before doing business with them.
  4. Uses of escrow and inspection services to secure trading.

It also provides a mobile app.

Moreover, you can start for free. It is one of the cheapest online wholesale marketplaces as the suppliers/wholesalers charge a reasonable amount.

Just like Global Sources, Made-in-China doesn’t allow its users to add products to cart and checkout. It has tie ups with direct shipping agents like FedEx and DHL.

5) Tundra

wholesale online marketplace

Suppliers on Tundra mostly sell handmade products, that include gifts, beauty, personal care, bath products, home decor, jewelry, kitchen, baby products etc. 

Therefore, if you deal with at least one these items then you must list your products on Tundra!

Major brands such as Burt’s Bees and Moleskine use this platform that also integrates with Shopify. Wholesalers can synchronize their inventory from their Shopify backend and start to sell through its platform.

Furthermore, it offers control over who you sell to. Your buyers on this platform are restricted to resell on third-party marketplaces. Also, they are checked regularly for fraud.

More than 25,000 retailers are on Tundra with more than 2 million products showcased by more  than 10,000 independent brands such as; fashion accessories, jewelry, toys, kitchen utensils and pet food and other supplies.

6) Wholesale Clearance UK

wholesale online marketplace

Wholesale Clearance is another amazing marketplace for wholesalers and retailers to be on.

Wholesale Clearance also buys stock from liquidated or bankrupt companies apart from having traders sell their items. You can purchase items at a low price and sell it at maximum profit margin.

Wholesale Clearance is a credible online wholesale marketplace and is known to deal with inventory sold by liquidated, bankrupt and clearance companies, usually in small lots or one-off bulk lots.

This platform caters to thousands of wholesalers and retailers across the U.K. It mainly deals with products such as; clothing and fashion products, footwear, electronics, tech gadgets, mobile phone accessories, jewelry, beauty supplies, kids toys, homeware, etc.

7) Direct Liquidation

wholesale online marketplace

Founded in 2007, Direct Liquidation deals with liquidized inventory. They purchase inventory from retailers and sell it on their platform. Wholesalers bid for this inventory in auctions to get it for discount.

With countless products in more than 100 categories that include electronics, furniture, homeware, jewelry, etc, Direct Liquidation is a perfect online wholesaling partner for start-ups, online wholesalers and retailers.

This platform has exclusive contracts with some of the North American retailing conglomerates allowing any trader to source items directly for reasonable wholesale prices.

It usually deals with products such as; electronics, car accessories, furniture and homeware, clothing, footwear, fashion accessories, jewelry, self care and health products, beauty, office supplies, garden accessories, sports accessories, toys.

8) Abound

wholesale online marketplace

Here, verified individual retailers and small brands stock products made by other individual wholesaler and retailers small brands. Retail experts from Abound hand-pick credible brands, this removes the guesswork for independent wholesalers and retailers.

Abound’s product portfolio includes more than 500,000 products offered by top wholesalers and manufacturers in the UK & USA. If you’re a beginner, this platform is a good place to start. Browse through all the categories to quickly search for products you want to source.

Products they deal with mainly include homeware, garden accessories, kitchenware, jewelry, beauty products, fragrances, makeup, skincare, toys, baby accessories, stationery, food, drinks, pet supplies.

9) Faire

wholesale online marketplace

List your products with Faire if you sell handmade products, gifts, bath & beauty products, home decor, jewelry, kitchen appliances, baby products, etc. Faire is used by more than 60,000 brands, enabling traders, mainly from Canada, U.S.A, and Europe to sell their products.

This platform started to offer a Shopify integration that lets you import your product catalog and current inventory data to Faire.

Faire was featured on Fast company as well as Forbes Magazine as a creative online marketplace that connects individual traders with more than 40,000 trusted brands across the globe. More than 300,000 traders use this platform to source products for their stores or ecommerce businesses.

Faire mainly caters to product categories such as home decor, fashion accessories, jewelry, stationery, pet supplies, etc. 

10) List Trader

wholesale online marketplace

List Trader is a modern trading tool made specifically keeping in mind all the needs of a contemporary trader.List trader has a central repository of suppliers, wholesalers and retailers. A trader needs to submit a needs list to List Trader and the AI does the rest of the work by matching you with the most profitable choices of sellers or buyers.

Moreover, List Trader is a complete package that has all the essential features a trader needs on one single dashboard. A trader doesn’t need to go anywhere else searching for other integrations or platforms.

List Trader provides top notch security and privacy for all the traders and has a vast network of trusted major dealers in the industry. List Trader makes overwhelming tasks easy for beginners.

Other good wholesale online marketplace:

11) Creoate online marketplace

wholesale online marketplace

Creoate has more than 50,000 buyers across the U.K, U.S, and Europe. It covers the price of shipping by charging a percentage commission on each order/transaction.

Creoate handles returns and allows shipping the items back to Creoate within 60 days for a refund. It connects B2B buyers with wholesalers and manufacturers from the UK and Europe. All suppliers here are manually verified and approved. 

This platform caters to all types of businesses with a wide range of product categories and 60-day returns in case of unsold stock.

The products it deals with include houseware, home decor, garden accessories, kitchenware, textiles, clothing, fashion accessories, jewelry, beauty, stationery, gifts, food, etc.

12) DHgate online marketplace

wholesale online marketplace

DHgate is one of the best B2B wholesale marketplaces in China. It has millions of products available in bulk for the lowest prices. You can browse various categories or specific products you need and you will instantly find the best deals in your niche. It caters to more than 2 million sellers and serves 26 million buyers across the globe. DHgate registers a transaction every 1.3 seconds.

It contains quick filters that let you narrow down the search results by minimum order value, shipping location, price range, as well as availability of free shipping.

DHgate is an online wholesale supplier based in China. It has been one of the most successful wholesale marketplaces ever since it was founded in 2004. DHgate offers countless trending products from a variety of categories. It also shows feedback and ratings for each supplier to help other buyers and sellers make a choice.

It mainly deals with products from categories such as electronics, cell phones and its accessories, sports equipment and accessories, health, cosmetics, shoes, clothing, fashion accessories, homeware, kids toys, tools, bags, etc.

13) Go Wholesale online marketplace

wholesale online marketplace

Go Wholesale has features such as keeping List inventory as private, allowing items to be put on pre-order, and managing marketing campaigns. It has more than 50,000 products in its ecosystem sold by certified wholesale suppliers.

It is perfect for fashion stores and online boutiques. 

Go Wholesale has a huge range of modern and stylish clothing lines including men’s, women’s and kids clothing, as well as footwear, fashion accessories, makeup and cosmetics.

Traders here are secured with buyer protection and 60-day payment terms. Get exactly what you ordered or your money will be returned. They deal with products including men’s and women’s clothing, footwear, beauty and selfcare.

14) SaleHoo online marketplace

wholesale online marketplace

Launched in 2005, SaleHoo is a B2B global online wholesale marketplace that features more than 3 million products by more than 10000 wholesalers.

It is one of the best platforms to find leading suppliers and low price items for resale. SaleHoo has suppliers in every major category from the U.S, U.K, China and Europe.

The major product categories they cater to are electronics, clothing, footwear, bags, fashion accessories, beauty supplies, jewelry, household goods, gifts, tools, travel accessories, etc.

15) eWorldTrade online marketplace

wholesale online marketplace

Established in 1993 in the U.S, eWorldTrade offers a variety of ecommerce products and services. It services more than 500,000 traders in over 220 countries.

It also offers directories of suppliers, manufacturers, and buyers. That is why it’s good for wholesalers and manufacturers who are looking for new buyers. Here, suppliers can contact appropriate retailers directly. This makes things easier for buyers.

Buyers here can post a listing to inform suppliers what they need and which country they want to have it shipped to.


Wholesalers and retailers working from their godown, or a brick and mortar store, or even online, should use a wholesale marketplace as it is the best way to buy and sell your products and understand the market. These marketplaces also allow you to drop ship your products directly from the manufacturer to your customers. 

Hopefully the above list has provided you with some insightful options to explore when it comes to buying or selling wholesale goods online.

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